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Your chakra needs routine balancing
Crystals are a natural source of healing
There are spiritual techniques that help maintain & balance healthy stress levels
Thank you for your help you really knew exactly what was going on in my twisted situation.I didn't here exactly what I wanted to hear but I know you are right . You knew things without a word from me.I will be seeking your guidance again
I am here to spiritually coach in all situations not just 1 or 2 specific areas.  
With over 25 years experience I offer to you a true view & a non-judgmental prospective into your life's most challenging obstacles and problems.
I sell the products and supplies that can help achieve happiness  in love , career, finances Or any area of  your life as well as coaching you through life's challenges and obstacles in order to maintain balance in your life  

 Shelly M.

Carmichael Psychic
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*Reuniting Lovers*Cheating*Divorce*Soulmates* Addictions*Affairs*Stress Management*Energy balancing* Cleansings* & Much More ..